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Sep 21, 2022
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HOW TO PASS DISTANCE LEARNING EXAMS Quarantine measures related to the coronavirus infection covid-19 have led to the restructuring of the educational process in some educational institutions. Some have introduced temporary measures by switching to blended learning, while certain universities have decided to introduce them on a permanent basis, practicing this by creating their online learning centers. Taking exams remotely The main pile in distance learning is how to pass exams in this type of training. First you need to understand exactly how it is planned to pass the discipline: orally, in writing or with the help of tests. Let's discuss with Free Essay Writers by one by one, starting with taking the oral exam remotely. How long can you study online? Despite the fact that the system of higher education institutions around the world is going through hard times, interest in prestigious institutions is only increasing. Even if the applicant will have to study online in the future, they enter traditional universities. For example, Harvard University only received 57 percent more applicants last year. And at Yale, that figure rises to 38 percent. In addition, most students after their enrollment in an educational institution take a year off, so that as a result they can wait out the pandemic. They intend to continue their education full-time. Online learning is carried out as usual. The same couples, the same tasks. Time is also assigned, as in daytime teaching. But the desire to constantly sit at home may not appear for everyone, therefore, not wanting to stay too long in one place. Some students can hire to manage to resort to instant problem solving using cheat sheets,exposed on the network. The rest of their free time they spend anywhere. How can homework affect knowledge Basically, training will be conducted in the usual format, the only thing that you will be at home. Now imagine that instead of you at the lecture there will be a computer through which you will listen to your teacher. There is nothing unusual here. Even if the pandemic lasts for a long time, the student will receive a decent education.


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