Will doing an MBBS from any foreign country be the right decision?

Firstly you should know about that as per the new rules, you need to qualify NEET to be eligible to sit for the Screening Test or FMGE, which you need to sit for after you get your degree and come back to India for practicing.

NEET is not required if you don’t want to come back and practice in India.

Last year, the qualifying marks were 131 for general category students and 107 for other category students and will be more or less around this figure only this year.

Now, secondly and importantly, a new rule is coming out which will make it compulsory for all MBBS graduates (from India and abroad) to sit for a common exit test or licensing exam known as NEXT. Now, even if you pass from an expensive private college in India or do an MBBS from a good government university in abroad, you will have to sit for the same screening test.