Why Study MBBS in Georgia

  • Georgia is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. You would hardly ever hear news about any terrorist activity in Georgia. This makes Georgia a perfect destination for MBBS course.Though language of instructions in all MBBS universities is English, 90% of local people can speak English hence no language barrier for MBBS course when it comes to practical experience. You dont need to learn any local language unlike other countries.95% of Georgian population is Christian and it is very cosmopolitan countryVisa free entry in Germany,Italy,France,Switzerland & other EU countries5 years duration option available for MBBS course. So students who wish to save one year can apply for MBBS universities offering 5 year course durationPeople are very welcoming and friendly in natureGeorgia is a very beautiful country with one part on Black sea. The landscapes are very charming that makes MBBS course more relaxing and adaptingTemperature varies from 23 degree Celsius to -7 degree Celsius only. So it is always pleasant that help MBBS students to focus on studiesIndian Food is available in all MBBS universities. Separate hostel for Boys & girls & Indian warden.MCI,WHO approved MBBS universities100% ragging free MBBS universities

Riya Gupta, Career Counselor at (2017-present)