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Why do so many foreign MBBS degree holders fail in the MCI test to practice in India?

Yes, I know the MCI screening passing rate of foreign degree holders is very less and this is mainly because of many reasons and not one.I am writing this answer after the knowledge from many students who have passed and failed the MCI screening test.

  1. HOMESICK OR DEPRESSED - This is one of the most common reasons why students are unable to study in foreign countries.

  2. CORRUPTED UNIVERSITIES- Corruption in many universities abroad is a common thing.

  3. BILINGUAL UNIVERSITIES - Most of the universities teach in the bilingual medium. Among them, some don’t even give full information to students during the admission process.

  4. FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Learning any language is not a cup of tea. You need to put effort, study, practice the language daily…only then you can get a good grip on the language.

  5. CLIMATE ISSUE - Some students don’t find a foreign climate good enough for studies.

  6. DISTRACTION - Well, my last and most important point is this -

Those who survive all these factors are the ones who pass with flying colors.

It is necessary to choose your consultant, university wisely. Choose your path wisely.

Maya Kamath, Medical Student (2018-present)

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