Why do so many foreign MBBS degree holders fail in the MCI test to practice in India?

I am studying MBBS in Ukraine, I am very well qualified to answer this question in my opinion.

There are a lot of factors which boils down to Doctors failing in MCI exam or the FMGE :-

1.Corruption, lot of universities around the world offering cheap MBBS is not really cheap, the degrees from those universities come with a hefty price tag. Not through fees, but through corruption. Lots of universities ask for money to pass a subject.

2.Lack of infrastructure, when students who select MBBS abroad after twelfth standard do not really weigh about the university. Instead they inquire whether there are pubs and other such entertainment stuff in the city they are going to be in. They are concerned whether there is a dissection hall in the Anatomy department, they are concerned with fun.

3.’Chal te Rahe Attitude’, students who go to study MBBS abroad get into a dangerous attitude of ‘Thou Shall Pass’. I do not give a damn about exams kind of stuff. Of course they can enjoy abroad but they forget their main aim for their arrival.

Ainkareswar, Final year student.