Why do many Indians want to leave India to settle abroad? Why is ownership of the country almost

Have you ever though how are we planning to give jobs to 1.6 billion people in 2050?????????????

Its because of bad decisions made by our parents, their parents on voting congress and other corrupt parties in last 70 yrs in such a manner that India is still at third world country with hardly jobs enough for all.

Freshers every year like mosquitoes are roaming around MNCs begging for jobs all for 3.5 lakhs per annum job.

Talented Indians who can afford loans know the truth and they go abroad for jobs where they will be paid 10–15 times of fresher salary here.

Besides and shockingly, Indians with foreign experience are given senior positions in Indian centers as they are considered more deserving than people who have no foreign experience.

If you can save 1 crore in 4–5 yrs and can buy a flat or plot in india without loans compare that to average indian paying 30 yrs loan for home, which one is good????????????????

Atleast in USA and Europe, even if you pay high taxes, you will get services from government, in india, all the tax payers money is wasted on subsidies and wages for non tax payers who are 90% of population.

Government jobs with reservation with corruption for recruitment, all these don't help the talented people.

Corrupt Politicians haven't done anything good for country apart from making their families rich and stashing illegal money in swiss banks and in real estate.

The Politicians are responsible for all this, they are not helping youth or catering to their needs, instead they are turning India into a mud where citizens are not given any basic services without corruption.

Its a shame to be born in India today in this century, Any sensible Indian will go abroad.

Indian democracy is only making certain people rich and is corrupt to core and will not allow honest people to rise up.

Shashank, Software engineer (INFJ)