Why do many Indians like to work abroad?

There are quite few reasons for this:

Better pay rate - not everyone in India get high level salary package. from where I grew up people usually get 30,000RS to 2,00,000Rs. p/m. and there is only one person who has to earn for whole family and average family has 5 members in it. so there are lot of tensions and burden which forces people to go abroad and earn. Average pay rate in australia is pretty good and you have all the members in family working here (ofc kids are exception here, but teens here also works for pocket money) less burden and life is bit easy in this case.

Better Quality of life - better medical services, you can get much more things at cheaper and more affordable prices here. infrastructure is also way better so why not work abroad?

Much less corruption compared to India - you want driving license here? cool just pass the written and practical test, BOOM you have your licence but in India you want to get your done? you have an urgent needs of documentation? who gives a Fuck? if you are poor good luck getting that unless you somehow pay them money, from peon to district admin. you cant do shit if you don’t have money. who are to blame for this? not government but WE for thinking bribing is the way to get work done fast. (I have lots of incidents on this but no point going in detail.)

Privacy and personal space - this is the reason I love being here in australia. you have your personal space here, you get your PRIVATE time here, me being a introvert it was sometimes hard to deal with people’s bullshit. after finishing my class and work, I sit on beach for 2 hours where i can walk and sit and enjoy sea waves as water touches your feet and no cares, what I do in my spare time which was not the case in India.

on Job benefits - all right this one is good too, here i can question my manager, if I different idea which is better or I think he is wrong or treating me unfair this is not common in India you can even lose your job for this. I get 1 month paid holidays and on public holidays I get double of my usual pay, 60 per/hour. I have lots of other laws that protect me from racism/harassment.

Everyone pay tax - people here pay there taxes rich or poor or middle class you have to pay your taxes, you cannot escape tax authority. but in India poor cant pay and rich people steal tax and deposit this black money in other countries and middle class get fucked. equality for all here.

These are top things I can think right now I’ll add more points later if I get time.


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