Why do Indian students prefer Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia for MBBS abroad instead?

ARMENIA is the most preferred countries now days by Indian students to do MBBS program

the reasons are ..

Armenia is one of the most peaceful and friendly country from the Eurasian region

Yerevan state Medical University is a Gov. University with long years of experience

and so many Indian students are studying there

there is an additional advantage now to choose Armenia as the destination for MBBS is there are 5 Years Medical degree program in this country

Medical Colleges like St Tereza Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia is offering 5 years MD Physician (MBBS) course in English medium for Indian students

They also offer 3D smar class education for Medical Students which is the first High-Tech curriculam based education system in the world

Indian Professors are giving on campus training at St Terza Yerevan for Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) which is commonly known as MCI exit exam

and they provide Indian Hostel and Indian food for its students

Colleges like Saint Tereza Medical University in Armenia attract all the Medical students from India to Armenia for their MBBS degree more than Russia, Philippines and Georgia

Paniraj Achar, Education Consultant at (2014-present)