Which university is better in Russia: Tver or Kazan?

If we consider in comparison between ‘Tver or Kazan’ there have pretty much similarities and also vast differences depending

not on the university but also the location. Kazan State Medical University started in the year 1804, while Tver started in 1936. Among the top preferred colleges not only in medicine but also facilities Kazan is preferred better because of its surroundings and the openness of the professors and teachers. As far as I know the only university that provides discount in tuition fees is Kazan, depending on the grades you get in exams. Kazan is more medically recognised in the central part of the country. Students are safe and I have never come across any situations among students conflict between Russians and Indians. To a level KSMU also have its private ties with hospitals in India for eg; Ruby Hospital. KSMU have students enrolled also Africa, Middle-East, U.S. and Canada. The universities is also working on its collaboration with Royal College of Canada for PG qualification. This are almost most of the facilities KSMU provides only for its Indian students, along with hostels and mess are also provided. Tver on the other hand also is a reputed university provides mess and only a fever get hostel facilities. Academically both the university provides great teachings and clinical practices. Still at the end I would say both have their uniqueness but as preferred students choose Kazan over Tver because Kazan is chosen after Moscow and St. Petersburg as the 3rd oldest University in the medical faculty. Also Kazan is a very beautiful city as compared to other cities in Russia, only after ST. Petersburg. Hope this help you make a decision for studying abroad. I have studied in KSMU. its been a great journey. Stay Blessed.

Bonavent Dmello, studied Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees at Kazan State Medical University