Which university is best to study in Canada for an MBBS?

I’ve answered this question at least three times this week alone.

So let’s do this quick and dirty.

  • There is no MBBS in Canada. It is an MD degree.

  • You cannot apply directly from high school and need a BA or BSc.

  • Unless you are sponsored by your home government there are less than 15 seats in the entire nation for international applicants across the 17 medical schools.

  • Three are French so that reduces your chances even more so you are competing for 10 seats.

  • It will cost between $60,000 and $100,000 per year if you do get in.

  • There are no scholarships or financial aid for international students.

  • Canada is one of the worst places on earth to try and study medicine as an unsponsored international student.

Gerry U, Dentist, Educator, Clinician, Suited & Booted