Which university is best for studying MBBS in Russia for an Indian girl in terms of education

Education-wise, there are a lot of universities in Russia that have high quality of Education. The list is quite big.


Hostels in Russia are same for both boys and girls. If you have any problem with that, you can go to a university where there are separate hostels for Indian Students like in -

  • Northern State Medical University ( separate hostel for Indian Boys and Girls)

  • Altai state medical university ( same hostel but different floors for boys and girls)

  • Kursk State Medical University,

  • Ulyanovsk State Medical University

  • Orenburg State Medical University

Regarding your safety,

Russia is overall a safe country especially for girls. If you face any problem from your group mates or face any problem with someone, you can complain directly to the university and the university takes strict actions.

Sachit Dahiya, Founder- MBBSInfo