Which place is best for studying MBBS abroad in low cost?

I am a second year student at Crimea State Medical University, Russia and I encountered the same question when I was seeking for admission at my time so I think I can better answer this question.

First of all, MBBS in low cost means what? I am assuming that you want a good university in a lower budget. When I searched for the same, I found out there are many universities in foreign countries which offer MBBS in low fees. Now the only thing is you should find a good university and good people who can get you there.

See, the MCI passing ratio of any university plays a major role in deciding the quality of that university. Like my university has 40–50% MCI passing ratio every year which is considered to be the highest of all, so I chose this one. Also, my university is well known for its low fees so it proves like a Cherry on the cake for many students like me. Hence, many students without any doubt choose my university. So if you ask for a country with good education and low fees then my suggestions will be-

  • Russia

  • Ukraine

  • Kazakhstan

  • Etc. Etc😅

However, then comes a difficult part, as we students don't know how to get into a university, some consultancies or something like that help us to get there by taking their fees. But the problem is some greedy ones loot the students at the most they can. So you have to choose these people wisely.

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At last, I hope you'll do the research wisely and then come to your decision..

Hope this helps but still if you are having any queries, feel free to contact me on WhatsApp (links are given in my bio).

Ritesh Takle, Student of MBBS at Crimea State Medical University Named After S. I. Georgievsky (2019-present)