Which place is best for studying MBBS abroad in low cost?

There are lots of Countries where studying MBBS is cheap and best. but there is a obstruction after a student finish MBBS admission in abroad. Once a student finishes MBBS in any country outside of India when they return to India after completion of MBBS course before they start practicing Medicine here in India they have to complete Foreign Medical graduate Examination (FMGE) and Register in Medical Council of India. after completion of all the process they can start practice as a Medical doctor in India.

There are lots of factors on which it depends to study MBBS at low cost I would try to mention as much as I can to make you people understand and help as much as I can through this post.

  1. Bangladesh

  2. Nepal

  3. Russia

  4. Ukraine

  5. Philippine

  6. Kyrgyzstan

  7. China

Aditi Kumari, Education Consultant 8746888118 at Tata Consultancy Services (2006-present)