Which place is best for studying MBBS abroad in low cost?

I think Ukraine, low cost, should be told in open, because not everyone consider a certain amount as low cost. There are various features available in my university particularly,

1.The whole course is in English medium, you do not need to worry a single bit for it.

2.The university has a limited intake of foreign students, only 125–150 students get admitted every year. They do not bloat up just because they are getting money.

3.The lectures and classes are very good and the faculty stresses upon each individual during classes.

4.The tuition fees in my university is the lowest in all of Ukrainian universities at 3500 USD.

5.The town I am in, is situated in the western part of Ukraine which means the culture is of the European one and not the soviet one. The city is at the center of Europe.

6.There is a hostel, providing top class facilities with cots, study table, night lamps, balcony, centralized heater and 24 hours water.

Ainkareswar, Final year student.