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Which is better for medical: Russia or Ukraine?

Hey !

I'm a second year MBBS student in Russia and while I was preparing to come aboard for studies i did compare Russia and Ukraine and the two big differences are :

  • The population of Russia is alot more than Ukraine's so you get more exposure in Russian hospitals. It really helps during your clinical studies.

  • Nearly every Russian university asks you do observership in your summer vacations. You can do this in your country or other country of your choice and nearly all countries accepts the Russian university so no problem in getting observership in best hospitals.

Surely , there's many more pros of Russia like security , Indian environment etc but I feel the above two really helps in your practical knowledge.

I hope this answers your question . Feel free to contact me on quora or whatsapp me on contacts on my profile (just tap on my name)


Bhushan Singh, lives in Vladivostok (2017-present)

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