Which country is the best for Indians to study an MBBS abroad?

MBBS is a dream course for most of the students in India. If you really wish to study medicine, start your preparation for NEET and appear for the entrance exam. Even Though NEET is meant only for the Indian medical institutions, the students have to get the basic qualified marks to apply for the international medical universities. The Indian medical education is always the best at an affordable rate. But if you lose the chance, you still have a chance of pursuing your dream of medical education abroad.

Remember, before choosing your destination check for the points required to make the destination suitable for you. The factors include education cost is affordable, education quality is maintained, is the university approved by the WHO, is it MCI listed, is the curriculum is of international standards, whether the internship given in that country is approved by the MCI, is FMGE exam required when returning back to India, is the climatic condition suitable for you, is the living cost is less etc.

Ajin M.L.A, medicine from Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute