Which countries have four year MBBS/ MD programmes?

The most popular countries with four year MD program are USA, Canada, Australia and also Philippines.

However, you cannot get direct admission in this course.

For MD in USA, Canada or Australia, first you have to do a 2 or 3 year BSc course(undergraduate course) with biology and chemistry as the main subjects.

After that you have to clear the MCAT exam to take admission in MD course in these countries.

For Australia, you can also also give UCAT exam instead of MCAT but only after completion of your BSc course.

For MD in Philippines,

After your 12th, you have to a do a 1.5 year BS course which is basically a pre medical course.

Then give the NMAT exam which is a national medical admission test for MD in Philippines.

Don't get confused with MD and MBBS. In abroad countries, MBBS in known by the name of MD ( Doctor of medicine)

Some students confuse it with post graduate course which is also know as MD in India.

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Also, some people promote studying carrabian islands to enter in medical colleges in USA.

It's just a scam.

If it were that easy, everyone would go to USA for studying.

Sachit Dahiya, Founder- MBBSInfo