Where should I choose to do an MBBS: Russia, Ukraine, China or the Philippines?

I am an educational consultant at Global Medical Foundation who has helped many students get admission for MBBS in abroad.

The answer would have been the Philippines if this question was asked in 2018. The reason I won’t say that Philippines is the best anymore is because the duration is expected to increase in 2018. Don’t get me wrong, among all these countries, the Philippines is the one of the best destinations for Indian students and had one of the highest FMGE passing percentage too between 2012–18. Moreover, there is no language barrier in the Philippines and the climate there is similar to that of Mumbai or Kolkata or you can say Goa! However, with the increase in duration, the Philippines become less viable option.

Here are some facts you should know about studying MBBS in Ukraine:

  • Name of the degree

  • Duration

  • Cost

  • Security

  • Government Universities

Shobhit Jayaswal, Owner- Global Medical Foundation