What should I do if I have been failing repeatedly 6 times in a single subject of an MBBS in the fin

The phenomenon of long term stay of MBBS students in medical colleges is well known. There are many reasons for it. One should not jump to the conclusion that admitting students other than on academic qualifications is the reason. That is not so. Students who are not capable enough for the course could not have passed the anatomy-physiology hurdle. They would have left by the second year.

Then there are top students in their school days who do badly. They are the smart ones whose interests are in mathematics and physics. They are misfits in the medical college. Parental pressure had railroaded them into the medical college. If they are lucky, they drop out and go to where their skills lie. If they continue, they are smart enough to complete the course but as average students. A clear loss to the community.

Abraham Sukumar, In medical service in India for more than three decades