What made you leave India and settle abroad permanently?


I have heard some people say “There are no opportunities in India”. More precisely “India me mera kuch nahi ho sakta”.

That is not true at all.

I believe if a person truly wants to be successful, they can do so in India.

India has plenty of opportunities. And I love India as much as the next guy.

I personally know many people who make more money in India than I make in Canada.

Nothing made me “leave” India in particular. I could’ve moved to Mumbai or Delhi and lived the same standard of living lifestyle as I live in Canada. Probably made a little less money, but again, it is cheaper to live in India than in Canada.

When I really think about why I settled in Canada, three reasons come to mind:

  1. I love Canada: I love living here. I love working here. People are nice, generally speaking. Weather is okay. Climate is great! Opportunities are plenty. And most things I want or desire are here. I don’t feel like a foreigner. Good healthcare system, dare I say a great healthcare system. So many places to explore. Diverse and multi-cultural environment. I feel like home.

  2. I wanted to live alone: Personal choice, no explanation here.

  3. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone: Most children or young adults in India live in their parents’ shadow, I did too. I wanted to “make it on my own” or “be successful on my own”. Indian parents have so much influence on their children’s lives. While I love my parents, I wanted to be my own man. Make my own rules. Live life on my terms. And I am doing that :)

That’s it.


Faizan Fakir, Making a living in Canada