What is the procedure to obtain MBBS in Ukraine?

You must have read the answers about the process of admission..

I Am A Medical Student Of 3rd Year In Ukraine

I am here to tell you about how you guys are gonna be looted by Consultants (agents) and some students who works under these agents..

Once you fell in their trap they will tell you that you need to send a copy of your Mark sheet of 10th & 12th.. After that they will tell you that you need to pay 1 Lakh/1.25/1.35/1.5/1.75 Lakh etc. amount in India for you Invitation and Admission letter, VISA, Flight Ticket, Airport Pickup etc.

With this they are making profit of minimum ₹50,000 in India alone..

Once everything is done & you will reach Ukraine, your agent will ask you to pay an amount for first year ($8000 in my University). This amount will include $5000 which is the real fee of this University for 1 year and then they will tell you that extra $3000 is for Ukrainian VISA extension, Hostel, Medical Insurance etc.

Here they are making profit of minimum ₹120000

So remember one thing.. Don't fall in the trap of Consultants/Agents/Students..

I am not saying that all Consultants/Agents are bad.. But you should be very careful..

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me..

Naam Chupana Pad Raha, Medical Student