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What is the procedure for getting admission in foreign countries for MBBS?

The study of medicine and health sciences or otherwise referred to as MBBS has grown over the years among the young in India. Today the number of students applying to study MBBS abroad is far greater then what it was a couple of years back. Why so? A limited number of government seats coupled with exorbitant tuition fees levied by private medical colleges have pushed a certain section of Indian students to pursue MBBS abroad.

As per the Medical Council of India (MCI), a total of 542 government and private colleges provide a total of 79,855 seats (for the year 2020) to students who have successfully cleared the now mandatory National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). The number of seats offered by MCI is only a fraction of the total number of candidates that register for NEET every year. In 2020 a record total of over 15 lakh students registered for the NEET-UG. Private medical institutions with their exorbitant tuition fees become the only option for students who are unable to make the cut.

Om Prakash Raj, Masters from Entrepreneurs (2019)

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