What is the difference in studying MBBS in India and MBBS abroad?

Thanks for A2A.Starting 2018, there is no difference whether a student completes MBBS from India or MBBS from Abroad.

Till 2017, the difference was that students studying in India did not have to clear any exit test but Foreign Medical Graduates had to clear MCI Screening Test (officially known as Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) to be eligible to practice in India.Now the Government of India has made it mandatory that every student studying MBBS in India, in the final year, has to qualify in the National Exit Test (NEXT) to be eligible to practice in India as a Doctor.

MCI Screening Test (FMGE) is also being abolished and replaced by NEXT, so all students, whether they do MBBS in India or abroad will have to clear the same exam before they can start practice in India as a Doctor.

Vijay Alreja, Director of SEED MBBS ADMISSION Abroad Cell: 956 020 1110