What is the difference between India and the United States of America?

What is Sex?

US Father: Sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse or either the male or female division of a species.

Indian Father: Son, go fetch some water for me? Hot day, isn’t it?

How children are born?

US Father: When a man and a woman make love in the form of sexual intercourse resulting in human fertilization which results in the formation of children.

Indian Father: Children are the grace of god. Son, Go fetch some water for me? Hot day, isn’t it?

I have a girlfriend.

US Father: Great, when we are going to have dinner together?

Indian Father: What? Which Caste? How come? This is the reason you scored less in your last semester.

Aditya Pratap Singh, M.S. Engineering Management & Industrial Engineering, Pennsylvania State University (2020)