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What is the best medical university in Russia (Kazan, St. Petersburg, or other)?

I am Ritesh, student at Crimea State Medical University in Russia. First of all, if you are seeking Russia then there are so many universities which offer a great deal but you'll have to find which gives the best education at affordable price. I personally suggest you to do your research about Russian medical universities and in that too you should see which college is having a good MCI passing ratio as this only decides the quality of education in that college for Indian students.

I'm studying in Crimea State Medical University, Simferopol. The atmosphere here in our university is really studious. Every teacher here has knowledge and gives special attention towards every student as well. The hostels are also really good at very cheap fees. This university is fully English and there is no scope for bilingual studies ( while doing research check whether the university is bilingual or full English please). Last year the university had MCI passing ratio on 40% but this year, the percentage got increased to 50%, this is really insane I must say. So see about MCI ratio then see other things about fees n all. This should be your format for doing research about the university because it'll decide how your future will look like.

So do your research on your own. Don't worry at all, if you are still having doubts, you can DM me on WhatsApp or Instagram ( links are given in my bio) I can help you.

Ritesh Takle, Student of MBBS at Crimea State Medical University Named After S. I. Georgievsky (2019-present)

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