What is the best medical college in the Philippines?

Hi! This is Shobhit Jayaswal from Global Medical Foundation.

I am an educational consultant who has sent more than 350+ students for MBBS in abroad including 100+ for MBBS in the Philippines.

Before I answer this question, I want to tell you some facts:

  • the best country for MBBS for an Indian student is India itself.

  • you should choose a country based on the duration, required budget, weather conditions, patient inflow, language, the climate

  • there is no ‘best country for MBBS abroad’, each country has its own pros and cons

  • every country has good, average and bad medical colleges, even India does

  • check the FMGE or MCI screening test passing percentage before choosing any college abroad.

  • choose a college where the FMGE result has been more than 25% at least

  • college and country wise data is available of FMGE passing percentage from 2012–18 now.

  • ask your agent to show you the list to you

  • in the end, no one will ask you the ranking of the college or anything else, all that will matter is whether you clear the screening test or not

Shobhit Jayaswal, Owner- Global Medical Foundation (+91-9999-40-43-48)