What is the best advice a medical doctor can give to a medical student?

My advice is to medical students in India.

  1. Don't count how many years you need to study. Learning in medicine is not 5. 5+3+3 years (MBBS+MD+DM) it is life long.

  2. Don't waste your time in college and bunk classes or sleep in hostel during classes. Everything you learn has implications on patient care in the future.

  3. Medical subjects are not isolated. Anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, medicine….. and all subjects are interlinked. We have one liver and not a anatomy liver, a pharmacology liver and so on. All process in liver that you read as different subjects happen in the same organ simultaneously. So integrate your learning and you will be amazed by the function of the human body.

  4. Advances in medical sciences are occurring rapidly. Few decades ago it used to occur once in few years and we got to know when the textbook editions changed. Nowadays information in a new edition of a book is obsolete on the day of its release. So keep updated with new information by subscribing to site like medscape and up to date.