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What is it like for a medical student to dissect a body for the first time? Are some students grosse

My first experience of dissection hall (DH) was as a part of the foundation course, and the first dissection experience came nearly a month later when real academics started.First experience in DH: The whole batch was escorted to the DH, right outside of which were hand washing stations, and the pungent smell of formalin. We entered the DH to find clear tables there. The formalin wasn't nearly as bad as described on some answers on quora, which was the biggest relief. The cadavers were not out then. However, there were hard and soft parts laid out in trays, probably for some upcoming exam of my immediate seniors. I tried to click a couple of photos, but was caught and warned by an AP not to do that.

Akshit Gupta, MBBS from Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital (2024)

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