What do you think would be a good choice for MBBS abroad? Georgia, Poland, Philippines or Russia?

5 Yrs. MBBS courses in Armenia & Kazakastan are best for Indian Students, because, in Armenia & Kazakastan some Universities have 5 Yr. course including internship. Where as in other countries like Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland have 6 Yrs. course including internship.

So, MBBS in Armenia & Kazakastan in 5 Yr. course gives you 1 yr advantage + you can save money.

Philippines is disastorous. You will not join MBBS directly. Insted you join BS for 1.5 Yrs, after passing BS, you have to NMAT exam consucted by Philippines and you should have valid NEET score . If everything goes well, then you become eligble to apply for MBBS Now. Study MBBS for 4 Yrs. All the best

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