What benefits can I get by doing my MBBS in Kazakhstan?

First of all congratulations to you for going to med school and now we start with your question.

If you are planning to continue your medicine from Kazakhstan that means you already had idea about Kazakhstan. The main benefit we get is that in Kazakhstan mbbs is only for 5 years as we compare it by russia, Ukraine and Philippines where course duration is 6 years. I think this thing is more beneficial because in Kazakhstan we can save our 1 precious year. At this age 1year means alot so we should find a way to save 1 year. Next benefit is that you can choose any University according to your preference whether you are willing an indian environment or non- indian environment because in Kazakhstan there are alot of medical universities. Kazakhstan is Highly developed country because of less number of population which teaches you how can you manage things easily in a foreign country. Kazakhstan has top world ranked Universities they also provides schoolarships and provides opportunities to get admission in another best ranking Universities.

P.S - currently i am also studying medicine in Kazakhstan that gives me much benefits.

Feel free to ask anything.

Abhi Gurjar, MBBS from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (2025)