What are ways to offset a low GPA for medical school admissions?

There’s a great Admissions Guide on Applying to Med School with Low Stats that is definitely worth a reading.

Some of its points:

  1. Apply to an international medical school. (The required GPA is often lower).

  2. Apply to a DO program. Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine schools hane lower GPA and MCAT requirements: The mean MCAT score in 2016 was 25.84 and the mean GPA in 2016 was 3.45 (

  3. Boost your GPA with post-baccalaureate classes.

  4. Improve your GPA with science-based master’s program. (it can useful if you don’t have a research background already).

  5. Prove your potential in a special master’s program (SMPs). Biomedical Studies (MBS) Program | Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences & Professional Studies - College of Medicine, Medical Master's Program.

  6. GPA bump followed by SMP.

Marissa Sandford, Med student, dog lover, health nut