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What are the reasons people cease to live abroad?

Because people unable to understand their culture differences or obsessed with their own culture and social norms. There are certain reasons that may create barriers for you…

if you would get a chance to travel abroad for ( Studies or living or travelling) so first you would have to understand their Cultures, Social norms, Laws and regulations we call them National culture variables and it varies from country to country. Furthermore we have to behave according to their National culture behavior otherwise it may cause confusion or Communication barriers. If you don’t behave in accordance with their culture you would feel Alone and desperate…

For example:

*In some countries eye contact may be considered as good sign of communication, it shows he/she is paying close attention or vice versa but in some countries if you don’t make eye-contact, it is consider as sign of respect (specially in women case).

Give yourself an opportunity to build a social circle there, it can help you on different occasions and would make your survival easy.

M. R Bajwa, former Tourist / Human Psyche HR Supervisor at CSL Limited

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