What are the major differences between doing a PhD abroad versus doing it in India?

First differentiating parameter is credibility.

Lack of sense of sincerity and commitment from the candidate,' ends justify the means' approach-getting a PhD is important, not how you got it, lack of confidence in self, supervisors- who them selves are charlatans, number of doctorates produced and papers published being a criteria for their promotions, like this, unfortunately many ills plague the research field.

How many Indian would be doctorates joined the field out of love of the subject is a very big question.

Over a period of last few decades after independence, Indian education system, reflecting the larger canvass of the society has become unethical.

Mind you, there are many exceptions, but still they are exceptions, not the norm. First and foremost, majority of Indian candidates are drawn to research, not because of an intention to contribute to society, deep interest to enhance knowledge, etc, but for extraneous reasons. In most of the cases Plagiarism in the name of 'Research' is driven by a motto of furthering a career (generally of the guide). This has been the observation about research in all the fields, including medical research.

I observe this as the critical difference. I fully agree with Mr Karnav's views.

This is in addition to what Mr Karnav Shah has written

Aswani Kumar, MSc,PhD,MBA