What are the costs of an MBBS abroad? Which is the cheapest country where I can send my son

Okay so out of the many factors one considers while choosing a country for MBBS abroad, affordability plays a crucial role. But not to the extent that one tends to neglect other factors such as quality of education, recognition, facilities, language of instruction, etc.

So, to help you out in this, I have got recommendations like Russia, Ukraine, China, etc. where you can find Universities which have quite affordable fee structure, English as language of instruction, worldwide recognition, etc. All in all, they become an ideal choice of destination to pursue MBBS conveniently.

The budget for entire MBBS abroad is something you’d incur as your one year tuition fee at private medical college in India, i.e. some 25–30 Lakhs. Yes, you can study entire MBBS in a budget of 20–25 Lakhs which not just incorporate your tuition fee but also accommodation cost and other miscellaneous. In a nutshell, a Win-win choice.

Hence, I assume I have been able to answer much of your query. If not, feel free to get in touch with me or the organization I have been in association with for MBBS abroad. It goes by the name of MOKSH Overseas Education Consultants and you can find it on the web as MOKSH16.

Abhishek Gautam, Know a great deal about MBBS Abroad