What are the best medical universities abroad approved by MCI?

There are 459 Universities in Abroad that are approved by MCI currently which includes Universities from countries like Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Armenia, Georgia, Nepal, Mauritius etc. And we understand it is a difficult task to make a choice between all of them.So, we will make a stepwise list that will help you to find the best University for MBBS in Abroad:

  1. Choose your budget. (When it comes to MBBS in Abroad budget starts from 15 lacs and goes up to 50–60 lacs for the course).

  2. Search about the kind of accommodation offered by Universities in particular country. (Always go for the ones with good hostel facility and also make sure hostel is near to the campus).

  3. Make sure Indian food is available. (Availability of Indian mess is there in all good Universities in Abroad nowadays).

  4. Always look for the number of students from your home country already studying in the previous batch. (It will give you a real-time idea of the popularity of that University)

  5. Do look for eligibility criteria of all the Universities. (As some Universities in Russia do conduct an entrance test after admission and when you reach there).

  6. Quality of education. (Some Countries which have low budget MBBS teach students on dummies so we will suggest choosing countries which focus on good practical education and have good infrastructure.)

  7. Language of course. (In some countries course is bilingual for international students, so make sure you select a country in which course is in Full English).

Singla Consultancy, MBBS Abroad Consultant