What are the best Medical colleges in India?

The profession of a doctor is the most respected in the world. People worship doctors next to god as they save the lives of human and other living organisms. Doctors possess the power to heal and give a new life to fellow beings. Hence, no wonder why medical science is the most prestigious and one of the most sought after fields of study. Lakhs of students dream of studying medical science and becoming a doctor/ medical practitioner. Admission to UG level medical programme is made through national or state level medical entrance tests. Every year, after passing class 12 exams, lakhs of students appear for national or state level medical entrance tests just to grab MBBS seats in reputed medical institutes.

India is home to more than 1100 recognised medical institutes that offer medical programmes at different levels. Selecting a suitable medical college is probably the most critical step as a medical student’s career decided by the medical institute. Selecting a better medical college also becomes very difficult because medical colleges differ in various vital aspects such as specialisations, infrastructure, fee structure, eligibility criteria, and several others. Here I am going to provide you with the list of some top-rated medical institute which you can consider while applying for admission.

Victor Ali, Education Counselor (2016-present)