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What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying for an MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is favorite for medical aspirants looking for mbbs in abroad / less marks in NEET exam / Low Budget.

There is no such disadvantages except the weather in Jan-Feb are in minus but can easily be managed by warm clothes / heater and students gets adapted to climate after living 1year.

  • MBBS is taught in English medium.

  • MBBS tenure is 5yrs.

  • Student prefer mostly 3 Colleges in Kyrgyzstan ISM , Asain, KSMA who are MCI & WHO approved and have International recognition.

  • MCI coaching classes are provided if admission is taken from authorized consultant, Classes fees are already included in the package.

  • Government Universities in Kyrgyzstan offer scholarships to top performers and International students including Indians are eligible to apply for the same.

  • There is Zero donation.

  • Admission is direct based on Class 12th result.

  • Education loans are available in India to pursue mbbs in these universities.

  • Universities in Kyrgyzstan are globally recognized and it’s graduates are eligible to practice anywhere in the world including countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany etc. after clearing the local licensing exams and meeting the eligibility criteria.

  • The hostels are well equipped with all modern facilities to ensure student’s get a comfortable, neat, clean and a secure environment to stay and study peacefully

  • Get Admission letter and Invitation letter to get admission in universities of Kyrgyzstan by contacting below website. Nexgen Tech Solutions

Ehtesham Hussain, Onsite Engineer at DRDO-Hyderabad

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