What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying for an MBBS abroad from India?

Great question! If you don’t get an MBBS seat in India, you don’t need to worry. You can go abroad and complete it. There are many universities in abroad where you can pursue and nourish your medical dreams. The only this is to have the confidence to stay independent and stay away from your home country.

Namely, aboard medical education destinations are categorised as:

China , Russia, Philippines : where the fees are comparatively less and when you come back to India, clearing MCI will be one of the most toughest part. Some of the universities to name a few, Wuhan University, Belgorod State University etc

USA & North or South America : Fees may be comparatively high. But the quality and standard of education may be up to your expectations. Moreover, if you want to switch to USA< USMLE clearing will also be provided which may be even more easier for you.

In the vice versa, if you want to come back to India, clearing MCI will not be a burden as it will be already inclusive in the curriculum. To name a few, Baylor School of Medicine, Texila American University etc

Andrew Jairus, lives in India