What are some good career opportunities for a BS in Biology to explore?

Biology is a scientific field wherein living things and their vital processes are studied. There are many different types of living things, and many different biological processes among them, thus there are many different areas of specialty within the field. However, there are also commonalities in biology and biological processes shared by all living things.

Because of this diversity of life forms, as well as the commonalities shared among them, the study of biology at the undergraduate university level is taught one of two ways, depending on the school offering the program.there are a lot of career option after BSc biology those can provide you an ample of opportunities

• Agricultural science

• Biotechnology

• Chiropractic Medicine

• Dentistry

• Environmental Consulting

• Forensic Science

• Forestry

• Medicine

• Optometry

• Pharmacy

• Physiotherapy

• Research

• Teaching

Kavita Khulbe, Msc Master of Science Degrees & Biodiversity and Conservation, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (202…