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What are best MBBS (medical) colleges in Russia for international student?

I live in Russia but not as a student.

I know enough to write about this topic.

MBBS of Russia is not recognised in India or US. In India you will have to pass MCI screening test, which is very difficult and passing rate is less than 15%. In USA it is more difficult with Russian MBBS.

Education quality of Medicine in Russia is not good. And it is called MD in Russia and not MBBS. But it is graduate degree and not masters.

Unless you want to waste 6 yrs with no quality of education and harsh winters then you are welcome to Russia. My personal advice is to stay away from Russia and CIS countries like Ukraine and Armenia, etc. You will regret, trust me.

Better try in India again or countries like US, UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, France, Norway and Sweden.

In Norway, France, Germany education is free or very less tuition fees. Try there and you will have to spend only on your expenses. Russian degree is not reputed and respected anywhere.

Abhimanyu Kumar, lived in Russia

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