What are all the universities or colleges across the globe that offer MBBS education for an Indian

There are way too many options to list everything here. But I will try to list the best universities in the most affordable countries for Indian students.

Assumptions: I assume that you are an Indian student who is looking for the best option for studying MBBS abroad. Also, I assume that you have qualified NEET and you have a budget of around ₹20–30 lakh.

My criteria for calling a university as best:

Now, I will say which universities are the best in their respective countries according to me. These are my opinion as I have been to each of these countries and visited these universities. Therefore, these universities are best according to my criteria which are-

1) safety and security

2) FMGE passing percentage

3) facilities for Indian students

4) quality of education

5) hostel and food facility available to the Indian students

Shobhit Jayaswal, Owner- Global Medical Foundation