Things that you felt you should have known before joining an Engineering College ?

1) If your college is affiliated to some university (For eg Anna Univ), then you will be forced to attend class way too often. While if you are in a deemed univ, then "Go to class" .

2) Learn a lot. In college you will mostly be jobless, with hardly any responsibilities too. If you live in a college hostel or something, even better, they would even prepare your meals. You will have very little in between what you want to do and time,money. Make the fullest use of it, or you might not have as much free time later on.

3) Self learning. If you like something, you must learn it on your own. You cannot rely on someone else to teach you all the time. This is not a school we are talking about (Not applicable all the time. There are exceptions) .

4) Carefully choose your college. This step generally depends on what you want to do after your bachelors. Mostly you don't really know what you want to do, but that's normal. If your aim is to do a masters abroad at a good university or take up a job, choose a more popular college. Consider the course as well. Ask people who are studying in a particular college how the course you want to do is in that college. Even in top colleges, not all courses are equally good.

5) Its not just about what you know, but who you know also. Build a lot of contacts while in college. DON'T EVER MESS WITH PROFESSORS!

Prashant Anantharaman, Pursuing CSE at CEG