Should I do an MBBS from V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University?

I don’t agree with the answer by Mr. Pal because - certainly he has little knowledge about the country or the medical education system here.

A single isolated incident or even a couple of such examples cannot define the rule. A university is as good as its graduate. One of V N Karazin graduate took USMLE step I and scored 242 in step I . Now this single incident as well cannot define that Karazin assures USMLE result as without a student’s individual effort this isn’t possible.

So A university is as good as its student. Its always wiser to choose a medical school which is exclusively a med school and not just a faculty in the bigger university . Even then - Your hard work and vision shall trace your career path.

Tarun Handa, Masters Medical Education, Keele University (2021)