During the last few decades, the competition for MBBS in India has skyrocketed. Along with the competition, the number of seats up for grabs is decreasing year by year. Not to mention the outstanding fees collected by private colleges as admission fees and tuition fees. However, Ukraine offers affordable education with world-class infrastructure, quality education and top-notch facilities. With comparatively lesser tuition fees and cost of living, Ukraine is gaining momentum as one of the most popular and affordability places to complete MBBS. Ukraine has several MCI approved universities having the best faculty education around the world can offer, the latest technology and a student-oriented curriculum. Ukraine is one of the best and most popular choices for MBBS abroad. Thus, it can never be left out if MBBS abroad is the picture

Every year millions of students from all around the world aspire to move out from their native countries and study abroad in pursuit of better education quality and job prospects. India and the entire African continent play a huge role in the entire industry. To give you a perspective, as of 2018, nearly 7,52,728 Indians and 5,666 African students are studying abroad.

Unfortunately, not everyone who aspires to study abroad makes it. You struggle in choosing your university, course, and country. Ultimately wait unanswered because of the absence of proper guidance. And this is a pretty valid reason because let’s face it, studying abroad is an investment which requires a lot of resources, namely, time and money. And you would want to make sure that you make the best decisions to get the best returns.

So if you are the one of them who have made your decision of studying abroad but need a bit of guidance with how, why and what, we might have a few tips which could help you.

We have curated 7 do’s and don’ts when you choose to do your MBBS abroad. These are a few basic things which we feel are the most important things to keep in mind and should not be ignored.