Is Ukraine safe for Indian students?

I understand the scepticism about going to Ukraine for studies but I have personally visited Ukraine many times and I will say that it is safe for International students.

Here are some facts about MBBS in Ukraine, this video will give you an overview:

Now, how are the MBBS universities in Ukraine? Lets hear it from the students themselves:

It depends where you want to practice after MBBS in Ukraine. If you wish to come back to India and practice, then you need to clear FMGE (to be replaced by NEXT soon, which will be a common licensing exam for students studying in abroad and India too).

You can practice in other European countries too (except UK and Ireland). For going to the USA, you need to clear USMLE. For UK, you need to clear PLAB.

You can get in touch with me to know more or to get in touch with current students and also for admission in Ukraine. I will be glad to help you out.

Shobhit Jayaswal, Owner- Global Medical Foundation