Is the Ukraine MBBS good for Indian students?

Pros of MBBS in Ukraine :-

Safe country,Low tuition fee,The degree obtained is valid in germany,You don’t have to prepare for NEET PG which is tougher than MCI

Cons of MBBS in Ukraine :-

It must be hard for an indian to adapt that much cold

Travelling cost is very expensive. Not everyone can visit india once a year

MCI has made an announcement that students can pursue their MBBS without NEET in abroad but those students who are pursuing MBBS in abroad will have to appear in NEET 2021. In this case you won’t be able to appear for NEET 2021.

MCI is now replaced by NEXT. The success rate of students from ukraine participated on NEXT is minimum comparing to other MBBS available countries.

self study is really important. No one is going to guide you


Doctor is the most paying degree of all. You can’t expect this to be easy. Make a bold decision and stick to it. Prepare for it from the 1st year itself.