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Is Studying MBBS in India more valuable and knowledgeable than abroad?

Some Indian universities are going beyond academics and joining hands with industries to give students a practical perspective about the respective industries. One such institution is UPES, which has collaborated with corporates such as IBM, Xebia, Tata Cisco, Tata Power, L&T and many more industry pioneers to give their students enough exposure so that they can equip themselves and easily transition from their college to their workplace.

Students get access to courses that are co-created and co-delivered with these industry partners. The industry exposure training programs that are part of UPES’ curriculum provide a wonderful opportunity to students to interact with the industry leaders.

It is common knowledge that industry exposure holds a lot of value for a student who is pursuing a professional degree as it gives him or her an insight regarding internal working of companies.

Siddhartha Baruah

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