Is studying an MBBS in the Philippines better or should I stick to India? What are the pros and cons

Now a days MBBS in Philippines is getting more popular day. One of the main reason is Philippines is an English speaking country .More than 95% of the people speaks English language. There are some renowned medical colleges in Philippines such as Bicol Medical college, Angeles Medical University etc. Philippines medical college fees ranges between 15–20 lakhs. Though the cost of medical education is less; the quality of medical education is great compares to other universities.The weather is good and most of the university takes USMLE approved curriculam to be a licensed physician in future.One of the cons of study MD in abroad is the duration is longer. Sometimes,the Indian students face problems with the issuance of Visa to study medical in Philippines. The Indian students gets the tourist Visa.

It is highly recommended to study in Philippines with the help of good career counselor team who will arrange all the necessary requirements to study there.

I am expressing my viewpoint here. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

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