Is paying 1 crore for a medical college in India (MBBS) worth

I always say - if your parents can afford it, take it & make it ; or abroad is also an better option.

Q1 - You don't know anything, you are from private blah blah etc you don't have right to comment on doctors situation (personally i face this condition)

Answer - Syllabus is same. I have seen many Pvt medical college students who clear NEET PG in single go. Your NEET UG marks doesn't decide your future in medicine.

Q 2 - people will criticize me

Answer - see if you look down on my answers comments section, you will find someone is criticizing me but who are these persons

  • They are frustrated neet UG aspirants who needs someone to target ; do you ever see any big personality is commenting negative on my answer just because of tag ; no Na.

  • So negativity comes from negative mind ; ignore them (first i used to give them reply, now i ignore them)

Q 3– Why to use father's money ?

Answer - yes this ego is very good.

  • But Does river drink it's own water — no

  • If you complain about that why Ambani's children are living luxurious life & you are end up in middle class; it's indicates wrong approach baby . it's their grandfather money & they have whole right to use it.

  • Now, even after that your ego doesn't satisfy ; no problem. Work hard & return your parents money . Health care sector is Ocean of money ; learn to dive.

Q 4- shaming part

Answer- Never ashamed of your situation & timing. See nikhil gupta he always writes his College name in big Letters. It is your love ; don't be ashamed of your love

Q 5- i will invest this money rather than giving to some management

Answer — MBBS is an good option in the scenerio of unemployment in india. It's your money so in last you will decide what to do with ; some 15 year old teenager from quora will not decide your money's fate.

Other points

  • Not all College took 1crore from you.

  • Some pvt College are exceptionally good than govt college.

Nikhil Gupta, Intern (Dr) at GBH general hospital udaipur