Is MBBS from Kazakhstan good or bad?

It is largely subjective on the basis of how you perceive it. I, for example, was very skeptical about joining MBBS in Kazakhstan. There were agencies and consultancies offering help with admission but whom to rely on? Finally, I visited a consultancy named Moksh Oversees since one of my friend had got his admission done at a Medical University in Ukraine via this consultancy. There, I got to know of what MBBS in Kazakhstan is all about!

Medical Universities in Kazakhstan are recognized in India and one can easily return to India after completing MBBS in Kazakhstan and begin practicing in India after going through the essential protocol. Also, the Universities in Kazakhstan maintain high standards of education with professors teaching the course in English for the convenience of international students. The professors here in medical Universities, especially at my University which is Al Farabi Kazakh national University, are highly experienced and very helpful towards the student.

Manish Paliwal, MBBS Medical Education, Al-Farabi Kazakh National